Hi. I'm Frances, a Fullstack Engineer focused on creating products that make people's day to day easier & more meaningful. I love working on products that facilitate a user's workflow & help bring their ideas to life.

I enjoy collaborating with teams & embracing the intricacies that make users successful. Some things I value include continuous learning, user-centric design, & cross-functional collaboration.

In my previous roles at Alchemer & Calendly, I worked to help users create a robust, efficient system that helped them connect with others, whether it be to garner insights or collaborate efficiently.

If you've scanned my resume, you might be wondering about my transition from English/Poetry to Tech. I grew to love technology through my examination of Bot Poetics & the poetic implications of technological innovation in college. During that time, I also got the opportunity to work at a DIY electronics retailer called SparkFun Electronics.

Their commitment to technical literacy for all allowed me to further lean in to the world of engineering. I began developing small projects to run on Raspberry PI's, Arduinos, & explored the magic of e-textiles 🔮. While I still love scrappy hardware projects in my free time, software has been my focus career-wise for the last couple of years.

When I'm not coding, I love watching cheesy sci-fi, traveling to faraway places & dreaming about JDM builds.